How Harold Lloyd Filmed Girl Shy on Bunker Hill

Harold Lloyd racing past the Lovejoy Apartments at 3rd and Grand on Bunker Hill in Girl Shy.

The first slide of a PowerPoint Presentation you can download below.

The 2012 Turner Classic Film Festival in Hollywood will be screening Harold Lloyd’s first independently produced feature comedy Girl Shy (1924) on April 14, 2012 at the Egyptian Theater.  In that film, Harold discovers the woman he loves is about to marry a bigamist, and in a frantic race to the altar, Harold dashes all across Southern California by every conceivable mode of transport in order to halt the wedding.  I explain in a prior post how Lloyd filmed one sequence in Hollywood hanging from the pole of a runaway trolley car.

Later during the race, Harold rides a horse wagon on Bunker Hill, up and down Grand Avenue, and west down 3rd Street.   The corner of 3rd and Grand was Lloyd’s all-time favorite place to film – he shot scenes from seven different movies at this one spot, including Bumping Into Broadway (1919), An Eastern Westerner (1920), High and Dizzy (1920), Never Weaken (1921), Girl Shy, Hot Water (1924), and For Heaven’s Sake (1926).  As I explain in one of my most popular posts, you can see where Lloyd and other Hal Roach Studios stars, including Laurel & Hardy, filmed on Bunker Hill, as shown in some amazingly sharp movie footage posted by the Prelinger Archives.  Bunker Hill was completely demolished during the 1960s, and glass skyscrapers crowd the site today.  You can download a PowerPoint presentation below – here are static images.

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

You can download below a 21.5 MB PowerPoint presentation showing not only where and how Lloyd filmed the Girl Shy scenes atop Bunker Hill, but also shots from Never Weaken, Hot Water, and For Heaven’s Sake.  Most of the slides are animated, so wait a moment each time before clicking the “next” button.

How Harold Lloyd Filmed Girl Shy on Bunker Hill

You will need a PowerPoint viewer to watch the show, and can download a free PowerPoint viewer at this site.

My book Silent Visions documents Lloyd’s elaborate race to the altar in great detail, staged on the streets of Hollywood, San Fernando, Altadena, Palms, Culver City, Bunker Hill, Rampart Village, Fort Moore Hill, and downtown Los Angeles, as Harold commandeers automobiles, fire engines, motorcycles, trolleys, and horse wagons in his quest.

I am also posting here again a tour of several silent-era Hollywood locations Harold Lloyd used in Girl Shy, and various other films, as well as the sites for the Lloyd, Chaplin, and Keaton Studios.

Harold Lloyd Hollywood Film Locations – Silent Visions

HAROLD LLOYD images and the names of Mr. Lloyd’s films are all trademarks and/or service marks of Harold Lloyd Entertainment Inc. Images and movie frame images reproduced courtesy of The Harold Lloyd Trust and Harold Lloyd Entertainment Inc.

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6 Responses to How Harold Lloyd Filmed Girl Shy on Bunker Hill

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  5. Mary Ingber says:

    Caught Girl Shy today on TV. I was trying to figure out the locations and came across your fascinating article and photos. Amazing when the Web delivers EXACTLY what one is looking for in 10 seconds of searching. Deeply rewarding!! Thank you!!!

    I was also curious about locations earlier in the film that appeared to be Somis or Santa Clarita, or Granada Hills or Chatsworth…

    • Thank you Mary. I cover Girl Shy extensively in my book. If you use the ‘Look Inside’ feature on Amazon you should be able to read many pages about it. Harold used a tunnel in Chatsworth that appeared in many other films, including the closing shot of Hitchcock’s ‘North by Northwest.’ Best wishes, John

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